Wleo Market slowly But Surely It Is Going Higher Pay Attention To The Market Price Market Analysis

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The trend in wleo broke to the upside. we play the strength into the market in wleo. you can literally tell the market came in and grabbed support around 23 cents.
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You couldn't gotten in wleo and not only you had a couple of days to eat off play to eat off prediction.the market hugs 3o cents.this is the critical point as to where wleo is trading that is going to be real important.

You can see this price in wleo is coming real close to this line. what we want to see is wleo price to do this we want it to break back up above line. what we want to see you can tell we're not really getting energy.
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We're still seeing the market is getting rejected around 24 cents.the price in wleo might not be extremely strong it might still be a little weak and we appreciate the market giving us this information. he's not confusing us with this information we all can visually tell wleo is getting hung up there around 24 cents.

The market to go up or is stopping the market to go up those two reasons. we need to really tell we're going to see a different adventist point as to where wleo is headed.we're not in no uptrend anymore we can actually take this line and use it for our benefit.

You can see wleo is getting rejected it's not hard it's not confusing. what do you know look at this it got rejected wleo is going to go up and just look at it and it even acted as support during the month of oct.we really need to be paying attention at this critical level.

We're getting rejected.we're still seeing strength then we understand is a very firm area of restriction. we still see weakness it's going to require a whole lot of volume a whole lot of energy to break up this market above.

The market price in wleo is extremely weak because it's really not the market even though we're taking a break from going up as this present moment is not to the point to where the price progression movement of wleo going up.

I don't see where wleo is going to go it weak currently the market is weak in wleo. when i look at this from a longer term perspective it's not extremely weak.i'm not seeing that extreme weakness come through the market in wleo.

What do you think.we need to do should we continue to play the weakness or should we play the strength into the marketing wleo.you're not going to get this information anywhere is going to try to moonshot .

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