RE: LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not

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In life we all have to take risks. I'll try to do my part to post variety of content with right keywords etc. Considering we can directly compete wit top crypto publishers like Coindesk/Cointelegraph I'd even say $18K is a damn fine deal.

If we get enough traffic to bring in good enough organic traffic, from then on we'd even manage without paying any marketing agencies.

Never Loose A 1st Mover Advantage

Neither BTC nor ETH are great tech. They are tech that came 1st to market and they got most of the devs and most of the cool projects. #Dash #EOS and many others are unable to beat BTC/ETH becuase of this one thing they have; 1st Mover Advantage!

We need to have all the tools ready for this bull market. It's a smart move I fully support!

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