Why People NEED to Vote on Articles (and why you should be accumulating HP and LP)

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Why Do People Vote?

Everyone has seen those posts on the front page with hundreds of #HIVE and/or #LEO in votes. Maybe you've even been fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end a time or two. I've actually had a couple get over a hundred, but nothing in the hundreds, plural. Hopefully someday.

But how do these people get these massive payoffs for their articles?

It's pretty simple actually. People VOTE on them. Lots of people. And many of them have large votes, which can add up in a hurry.

But why do they get these votes? Well, it's usually because they are adding value to the platform. The authors have consistently proven to write quality articles that people like to read.

But why do people actually vote on them?

The answer to that is the reason for this post and it's very simple: The voters get paid to vote on things! So while it may seem like the author is making a nice payday from their work (and they are), what people tend to forget is that roughly half of that payout is going back to the people who did the voting.

This, more than any other reason, in my opinion, is why you need to build your HP and LP in your accounts. Because while it may seem like you're spinning your wheels sometimes getting small payouts for your articles, if you build up your voting power, you can make sure you are getting paid every day just by voting on other people's work.

It's one of the greatest thing about this platform. Not only can you earn money for content you provide, you can also earn by providing value to other people's content. And by providing that value, you in turn get paid.

Of course the benefits of this go far beyond just getting half of your vote back. By engaging these authors with thoughtful replies in the comments section, you may very possibly get a vote in return. They will also see your name and the more they see it, the more they'll recognize it. Who knows, at some point they may come to one of your posts and give you a nice upvote. After all, they know they need to vote as well to maximize their voting power.

Voting Power

There's a little number somewhere on the front-end page you use (usually by your username) that shows you your current voting power. Every time you vote, that number goes down a little. While you're sitting still, it slowly recharges back towards 100%. That number should NEVER read 100%, in my opinion. If it does, you are wasting money.

Think of it like a glass of water that is constantly getting dripped into. As long as there is room in the glass, the drips will slowly refill it. But once there is no more room, the water spills over the edge and it is wasted. If your voting power reaches 100%, you are wasting that money.

Your voting power recharges at 20% per day so if you can keep it constantly between 80-99%, you will get maximum benefit from your votes and the pool will constantly be recharging, without wasting anything pouring into a full glass.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and really concentrate on building up your HP and LP. Look for little waypoints along the way to strive for. If your vote is worth basically nothing, get it to a penny. If it's worth a penny, shoot for a nickel. But keep striving to grow that number.

You can give twenty 100% upvotes in a day. That will take your voting power down to 80% which means it can fully recharge by the next day. If you like to give lots of votes, do forty 50% percent votes. Again, that will take you down to 80% where it can fully recharge by the next day. But however you do it, VOTE. You're not doing anyone any good sitting at 100% voting power. Least of all yourself.

NOW is the time to get busy on this. #Hive and #Leo both have so many developments going on behind the scenes right now that it's only a matter of time before they really start to take off. When that happens, it will be much harder to grow your HP and LP because they will cost so much more. It's a LOT easier to gather them when LEO is trading at 20 cents and HIVE is $1.30. Time is ticking. Don't get left behind.

Thanks for reading. As always, comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to leave them below. Happy growing!

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