Hive Communities | Communities Created, Top Communities by Subs, Activity and HP Weight | April 2022

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Communities have a great potential on Hive. Onboarding user by user can be tricky but onboarding whole communities at ones can make this place grows very fast. There have been some updates for communities in the last year, but some more works is needed. @howo seems to have communities v2 on his to do list.
If we combine the updates for communities with the possibility for them to tokenize, issue communities tokens in a fast and easy way, things can become very interesting.


Communities should allow users to find content of their interest easier and also post in the communities of their interest, allowing them to connect more with people alike. It should help discovering content as well.

There have bees some well established communities on Hive, and some new coming in. Some of the communities already have their token as well on Hive Engine.

Here we will be looking into the following things:

  • Number of Communities created
  • Top Communities by number of subscribers
  • Top Communities by activities
  • Top Communities subscribers’ stake
  • Top Communities by active authors

Communities went live officially in February 2020, but they were in a test phase before that. The period that we will be looking here is from November 2019 till April 2022.

Number of Communities Created

First let’s see the total number of communities created with time.


We can notice that there are communities created before the official launch date, but the spike in the number of communities created is quite visible in February 2019. Afterwards the number dropped and lately there are few communities created per day.
In the last period there is a few communities created per day, usually in the range of 1 to 5.

If we look at the monthly chart we get this.


More then 300 communities per month as ATH number, while in the last months there is between 50 to 100 communities created per month.

There is now more than 3000 communities on Hive.

Top Communities By Number Of Subscribers

Who are the top communities on the blockchain?
We will be looking at this by more than one parameter, but for starters lets take a look at the most obvious one, the number of subscribers.

Here is the chart.


The GEMS community comes first with almost 20k subscribers, followed by OCD. Photography lovers, Leofinance and Foodies in the top as well. I remember when first doing this report, the top communities had few thousands subscribers. The subscribers numbers to the communities keeps growing.

Top Communities By Subscribers’ Stake

Another interesting way to rank communities is the stake of their subscribers. After all we are on a DPoS chain 😊.
What is the stake weight of the subscribers in each community?
Here is the chart.


In this type of ranking the HiveDevs community comes on top. OCD and LeoFinance follow. GEMS is no.4 here.

Top Communities By Activity

The number of subscribers in a community and their stake is important. But more important probably is how active the communities are.

Here is the chart for the top communities by the number of posts made in March 2022.


The short form platform Actifit come on top here followed by LeoFinance and D.Buzz as another short form community. GEMS is no.4 here.
We can see Splinterlands is in top as well.

Top Communities By Active Authors

What about active authors? How many in March 2022?


This can be basically MAU (monthly active users) per community.
GEMS is on the top here by a small margin, followed by Splinterlands! Some great activity by Splinterlands players.
LeoFinance and Foodies on no.3 and no.4 by number of MAUs.

The Liketu community is now in the top as well as a new contender!

Hope to see more communities and more development on this side 😊.
What is your favorite Hive Community?

All the best

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Communities should allow users to find content of their interest easier and also post in the communities of their interest

I believe this is happening because communities in the blockchain have created that opportunity of making users in the blockchain post or share content that suits thier personal or special skills to communities that fits in and am excited about that.

5 mo

Yeo, easier to find what interest you


There is so many communities. I didn't know there's that many. Because I try to choose a community, there was only some major categories you able to choose from. Now I know, that's great !

5 mo

More than 3k :)


The short form platform Actifit come on top here followed by LeoFinance and D.Buzz as another short form community.

I find this crazy, To see leofinance top a short form community like I have said for a while now leo has the most active community

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5 mo

Yea in terms of content leo is competining with the top 2 short form apps


I don't really have a favorite Hive community though.. I believe each on is unique and serve a particular purpose. I don't think any one community can serve all interests 100%.

I'm just glad there are varieties suited for different posts, different minds and different experience.

5 mo

Yea its not about competition just stucturing the content better



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Gladly surprise to see the GEMS community in the top 4 on all categories. Do they have their own token???

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5 mo

No its just few whales supporting the community

5 mo

oooh now I understand

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Changes in the top communities by subscriber's stake is the key metric for me.

I've spoken about the evolution of whale accounts on Hive and how I want to see the successful communities cycling their wealth back into Hive Power.

Splinterlands, LeoFinance, Gods on Chain and 3Speak are the communities to watch in this regard.

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5 mo

Stake is driving a lot of other things, like activity, authors etc :)