So Much For 50/50 Payouts?

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Edit: Answer in top comment.


Continuing to travel down this rabbit hole of why rewards on the Steemit Inc frontend are being displayed strangely...

Given a defined 50/50 payout structure, why would author rewards be higher than curator rewards? Is Condenser suddenly calculating my own curation rewards on my posts as author rewards?


According to the blockchain... no.

I only curated my own post for 0.549 coins. With the price feed at 23 cents that's only 12 and a half cents, while the difference I'm looking for is 74 cents.

Could Condenser be calculating that SBD is worth more than $1 and factoring that in? They never had before. Steem and Steemit have been quite consistent in assuming SBD is always worth $1 no matter what (even when it was $13).

I generated 2.594 SBD on that post, so to make up the 74 cents SBD would have to be trading at a premium of 28% ($1.28)... yeah... that didn't happen either.


Looking at other accounts.

Took a peak at @jrcornel's account and see the same ratios... which is weird. He has a lot more stake than me so his curation rewards for his own posts should be higher.

Maybe bug?

Yeah I don't know what's going on, and I don't really care enough to delve into it more than I already have. Counting on someone else to provide me the answer on a silver platter :D

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Nah, it is because of the 5 minute window. The Curators who vote early burn some of their curation return.

Edit: not burn burn, it goes back into the pool.

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My latest post.

Maybe ignore me... it is weird. It doesn't seem to be the burn percentage either

There it is! I knew all I had to do was post this garbage and I'd get the answer :D

I might be wrong... :D

No, you're not wrong. The latest hard fork creates a system of curators systematically voting on a block before the 5 minute curation mark.

Do I scoop a lower percentage with the knowledge of being the first voter?

Our new econ is very strange.

It is, but it does have an interesting dynamic. Perhaps instead of going back into the pool, early voting could burn the steem in @null instead.

What goes back into the pool seems to be >10% every time. It could be the SPS too which takes the cut from curators(?) let alone the early voting

Na, SPS has its own section. Not sure how the front end works. but the creator always gets 50%, the curators give some up. But, depending on what kinds of votes come in after, what they give up can change (I guess).

At least part of it has to do with some curaters voting within the first 5 minutes. There is that pesky early voter penalty which skews the curation total.

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totally forgot about that.
so many things to remember

Don't even try. It's too complicated.

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Very weird indeed