Hivestat Analytics of @Eldecor Hive Accounts: Hive Tokens Acquired so Far

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It is actually a profiting thing for one to take out quality time to run a proper analysis of his or her progress as touching whatever the person is doing. Great business of all time collapsed simply because the business had people who were only concern about spending not in keeping a track record of their progress in the business.

The multiple earning opportunities that abound on the Hive blockchain makes this blockchain a place to reckon with. For me i would say that blockchain technology came at such a timely moment when fiat was money gradually loosing it influence because of it centralized nature.

Hive has proven to truly be a social media platform where entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiast from all facets and works of life assemble and relate together. With the novelty of tokenized communities, the experience gets more juicy and even more amazingly rewarding.

I got introduced to second layer tokens of community token on the hive blockchain and through that i got to know about hivestat.

Well in my last post about what i know about hivestat but today i will be giving the statistics of my account for the last thirty days.


Things are getting juicier for the Hive tokens as the LEO pump has got some more eyes on the H-E tokens and there are some much buying pressure in Hive-engine and LeoDex.

Fortunately for me in the last 30 days i have so far accumulated about 50.18 and 29.46 staked for future use and charity purposes. And a total 80.20 HIVE.

This are all second layer tokens i have according to hive enging.

SPORTS is a native token of the SportstalkSocial community of the Hive blockchain which is used to reward sports contents created on the Hive blockchain. Fortunately i have about a 90,000 of the sport token in the last 30 with about and a pushing to getting to 100.000.

Life demands that once in a while, we take out quality time to make a white paper analysis of our overall performance and progress so we don't loose sight of our goals.

Hivestat is one app that helps in reviewing our overall performance and progress on the hive blockchain and i am clad that i am analyzing the total performance of myself in the last 30 days.

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