LeoFinance 'paid' my rent for October - Want to know how?

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Ok, I'm sorry for the misleading title (a lot of more things to consider), but technically this is what happened:


~1750 LEO at 0,25$ = ~437$ or ~370€ IN 2 WEEKS, which is more than enough to cover my already suppressed 'student expenses'.

And you know what?

I'm not dumping a single one.

I'm wrapping all of them again and providing that much-loved liquidity to Uniswap:


Yes, this is mine.

How I executed my LMLG ('Let's Make LEO Great') plan:

I'm very happy to see that my 'trading plan' worked (much better!) than expected. I will never get tired to say that a good trader must never be afraid to take action and to change things on the go.

This is how I played the Uniswap Launch:

1 ) Provide A LOT of liquidity on the first day (HOUR!) of the pool. In fact I owned like ~10% of the entire pool (in fact slightly more) the first 3 days or so.


This alone granted me very big LEO payouts on the first snapshots.


Notice that the LEO payout decreased more and more every day after more liquidity joined the pool. Which brings me to the second part of my strategy, which started when I published my 100K LEO post.

2 ) As payments for being a liquidity provider reduces (a great problem to have! Kudos to all of you LP's!), swap all the ETH into more LEO.


3 ) Then stake everything.

By doing this I achieved a few things:

  • Stability; no more 'reduced' payments due to increased liquidity.
  • No LEO loss; due to impermanent loss.
  • Full exposure to LEO appreciation;

With only a 'big' downside:

I'm 'overleveraged' into LeoFinance. A risk, that obviously, I have been assuming for quite some time.

But at the same time due to the big price appreciation, LEO became a big part of my Crypto Portfolio.

Now, What?

Seems that the future is bright for the LeoFinance ecosystem.

  • We have at least one ETH Whale accumulating wLEO. (When I say whale I say someone with 2000 ETH, check the link).

  • Almost no one of the LEO Whales is dumping. Check @edicted post.

  • Khaleel said: ''We've been contacted by a number of CEXes (centralized exchanges) about listing WLEO. Some of these exchanges have a great reputation and others have a less great reputation for their "market-making" offerings.'' source

Your decision if you still think that's 'too late'. Most said the same at 0,15 HIVE/LEO. If we reach 1-2$/LEO later this year (or next year, whatever) don't complain.


Now we can start charting $wLEO in a decent way; (coinmarketcap listing blessing)

Check charts.cointrader.pro

I'm loving it for all my TA related chores btw, not only wLEO.


Stay safe my friends.
As always take care when trading.

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