Much silver. Such wow!

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         Found this gem over at APMEX today.

         That's right, our favorite meme coin has a silver mint. It's even at a reasonable price after premiums! This is an one ounce coin and there exists also the gold version. While the gold one fits the theme much better, it comes with a hefty price tag of $1800 a piece. I'm not about to go down that road right now.

         This goes to show how the craze surrounding crypto has reached even the mainstream. I'm not a fan of a meme coin in the spotlight, but it made big enough impression to be a thing in the precious metal market.

         I decided to include the silver coin with my usual precious metal order. At the time of posting, you only get free shipping if you buy at least $199 worth of items. If not, it would cost you an extra $10 or so.

         Aside from this fun find, I've also ordered a few other collectible pieces at a reasonable price as well. Since we are closing in on the end of this crypto bull cycle in the upcoming weeks, I have funds to divert. I'm not looking to accumulate any more crypto assets for the time being. I may grab some stable coins for interests or add to the "bear market fund".

         Anyhow, the items will take a few weeks to arrive, so I'll have to wait while watching the drama unfold in the world. As for the portfolio, if you don't feel like you are winning, keep accumulating throughout the bear. You might surprise yourself.

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