Bitcoin Predicted At $65,000; What Levels Will LEO Trade?

15 days ago
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Increasingly, billionaires are talking about Bitcoin.

Yesterday, I talked about Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas who has 10% of his liquid net worth is invested in Bitcoin.

Billionaire Mike Novogratz believes that Bitcoin will hit $65,000.

The Reason - Because of a "network effect" in which there are a ton of new buyers and low supply.

I am still now to the field of cryptocurrencies, but I believe that limited supply is a big reason.

If several big players accumulate and hold Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency can surge. I don't want to talk about price targets, but $65,000 is likely few years down the line.

So where will LEO trade if Bitcoin is at $65,000.

I believe that there is renewed interest in cryptocurrencies among the masses. If Bitcoin continues to surge, there will be increasing number of people looking for alternative coins.

This will trigger price demand and price upside for several known and little known coins. In particular, those with a vision.

From that perspective, LEO is a potential money spinner. Even if Bitcoin is at $30,000, I will not be surprised if LEO or WLEO touches $10.

That's a conservative talk.

Therefore, my view is that investors need to accumulate LEO. Even for investors with a relatively medium-term horizon, LEO is worth holding for the next 12-24 months.

Investors will not regret.

Share your view and price target for LEO for the next 12-24 months. Would be interesting to see what the community thinks.

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