My Leo Finance Plans For 2021

13 days ago
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It’s been less than one month that I started writing for Leo Finance.

I must say that I love posting here and the level of engagement is exciting. The quality of posts and the level of engagement indicate that Leo Finance has a bright future.

I am penning down my plans for Leo Finance for the coming year. Let’s see if the community has similar plans.

Leo Finance Image.jpg

First – Write at least one post per day related to cryptocurrency, gold, silver, equities, commodities and the global economic outlook.

Second – Provide comments on posts that add value to the post or serve as an extension to the post or article.

Third – I have a low “follower” and “following” base. I aim to increase it in the coming year through higher engagement.

Fourth – I will continue to “Power Up” the Leo rewards. I believe in the long-term growth story of Leo Finance.

Fifth – Increase my voting power. That will come through quality posts and powering up. I am confident that I can grow my reputation and voting power.

Sixth – I am a financial analyst and I have worked in the areas of equity, commodity and economic research. However, I am a learner when it comes to cryptocurrency. My aim is to learn from articles here and write increasingly on cryptocurrencies.

Seventh – Leo Finance is already a quality website. However, I will continue to add my inputs to improve the website. As an example, we have segments that include “Stocks” “Crypto” “Trading.” I feel we need to have “Precious Metals.”

Eighth – Ensure that all posts are SEO friendly. And all posts are exclusive to Leo Finance. Alt tags need to be added for images so that Google image search also drives traffic to the website.

I would ask community members to add their vision and target for Leo Finance.

This might provide additional ideas and inputs to others as well as for the development of the website.

Happy Blogging…!!!

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