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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Are you on Quora?

Then come and check out the LeoFinance Quora Space.

After taking the initiative a few weeks ago, @behiver created the space for community questions to be asked and aggregated into.

By leveraging the power of the Quora domain, we can definitely get some easy exposure for LeoFinance.

LeoFinance Quora Space

>> Join the LeoFinance Quora Space <<

How Quora can Help LeoFinance

The Quora domain has excellent SEO power and whenever a question is asked on Google, you're likely to see a Quora link pop up on page 1.

We can take advantage of this by answering relevant questions that already rank on Google, with a LeoFinance spin within the answer.

The key is to find relevant questions that don't have many answers, but still get a ton of views.

I'm still trying to find the optimal mix and not be a spammer by answering forex related questions too, but this will come with time.

Focus on Non-Branded LeoFinance Questions

I've already started hitting Quora for non-branded LeoFinance questions.

By this, I mean questions not specifically about LeoFinance or with our brand name in the keywords, but that I can answer in a way that promotes LeoFinance.

I've already answered the following questions with a LeoFinance spin:

I chose these two because they are questions that rank on the first page of Google with decent monthly search volume.

The search term sites like seeking alpha ranks in position 4, while the term is seeking alpha premium worth it ranks in position 6.

These are easy wins to get exposure, especially if the community upvotes them and they're displayed at the top of the answer list (go and do this if you have a Quora account).

The LeoFinance Quora Strategy

I have a Google Sheet where I'm compiling a list of relevant questions that rank on Goggle, have a good mix of views, but also aren't already saturated with answers.

Can you please comment with non-branded questions that you think should be answered with a LeoFinance spin.

For example, a Quora question ranks on the first page when you Google the term best finance community.

This would be a good one to add to the list but please comment and help me out with some research here.

Best of probabilities to you,


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