EUR/GBP Daily Support Holding

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

I've got a slow burner for you today.

It's been a month since we last highlighted EUR/GBP sitting on daily support and to be honest, not much has really happened since!

Take a look at where price is now sitting on the daily chart.

EUR/GBP Daily:

I haven't touched the support/resistance zone since then, but you can see we probably could move it down a little bit now, as the most recent price action is always the most important.

Either way, EUR/GBP daily support is holding nicely and could continue to offer the opportunity for us to play from the long side.

Can you see the intraday retests of short term resistance turned support that have already played out this week?

The setups I look for and write about here on LeoFinance are always the same.

I'll let those of you who haven't traded it yet consider what I'm talking about and we'll go over it in tomorrow's blog.

Best of probabilities to you,


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