Gold Prints Fresh High to Start the Week

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

The last time we spoke about the precious metal, we were up +300 pips trading Gold.

XAU/USD had just retested a higher time frame zone as support, which also doubled as the base of a triangle and ripped higher to give us that nice trade linked above.

Take a look where we're now at on the daily.

XAU/USD Daily:

You can see that price has continued higher, all the way up to even make new highs.

A break of resistance that you can clearly see on the hourly.

XAU/USD Hourly:

Price pulled back into the short term resistance turned support to close the week and now on Monday morning in Asia, has instantly ripped higher out of the zone.

As long as price remains above the higher time frame zone, it's a long... until it's not!

So here are our scenarios:

  1. Price remains above higher time frame resistance and we use that intraday zone as an area to manage our risk around from the long side.

  2. Price pulls back under higher time frame resistance and we use that same intraday zone as an area to manage our risk around from the short side.

As a day trader, this spot is gold.

Best of probabilities to you,


Higher time frame market analysis.

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This spot is gold... I see what you did there 😀

I wanted to buy gold last year when it was around $1250, it looked like a bottoming formation and I wanted it as a long term investment either way. Amost bought 10k worth but it was too much hassle to prove my residence. Could have used my parents residence and bought it through them but oh well. Obviously regretting I didn't go through the hoops to buy it now.

Do you have any long term investments or do you just trade?

Naa, I don't have any physical gold bullion. It's just too much of a worry/cost to store properly. This is why I've never understood people that say they're all in on Gold, but won't give Bitcoin the time of day. It has a place as a store of value for ease of storage and transfer alone.

I do have some physical silver, mostly in pre-decimal Aus coins, but that's more of a little nerdy hobby than an actual investment. Day trading is my bread and butter. Just all short term risk management based trades that I quickly move on from.

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