Join the SPI wLEO Pool for Smaller Investors

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

There's been a lot of hype around LEO and some of the returns that could be on offer for those that provide liquidity to the newly introduced wLEO project.

But not everyone in the LeoFinance community has the funds to get involved in a worthwhile capacity, want to lose their voting power, or just plain don't want to deal with the highly complex Ethereum ecosystem themselves.

This is why @spinvest-leo opened up a wLEO pool for smaller investors. With a minimum contribution of just 500 LEO, investors pool their funds to make the process more economically viable for all.

Why Should you Join the SPI wLEO Pool?

There are multiple reasons why you should get involved.

  • Cheaper: A pooled approach shares the GAS costs among many people.

  • Economically Viable: A pooled approach makes smaller contributions economically viable.

  • Return on Investment: Share in the overall returns on the pooled investment.

Remember that while run by SPI, this pool is open to all LEO holders. There's no requirement to be a SPI member, just simply that you contribute LEO.

How to Join the SPI wLEO Pool

To get involved, simply send a minimum of 500 LEO to @spinvest-eth. To get in on the first round, you have until Monday the 21st of September.

@spinvest-eth account

As you can see, only 6000 LEO has been sent so far.

If a minimum of 10,000 LEO is not reached next Monday's deadline, then the project won't be viable and all LEO will be refunded.

Don't miss out on your chance to get involved with our very own, highly exciting DeFi project and transfer your 500 LEO to @spinvest-eth now.

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