List of Current LeoFinance Questions on Quello

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

After last week encouraging the community to ask LeoFinance related questions on Quello, the response has been encouraging.

As I said in that post, the idea here is to write quality LeoFinance educational content on a Hive community brother, while also building links back to the domain.

Ask real questions, give helpful answers (from the Quello interface) and only link back if it's appropriate.

Current LeoFinance Questions on Quello

Since the LeoFinance topic was added to Quello, we've received the following 8 questions.

  1. Should I Stake My LEO Tokens Or Wait For WLEO And Get A Better Deal?
  2. What Do You Think About This Price Correction? - Unanswered
  3. Is There Anywhere I Can See An Account Rating On Leo Finance?
  4. Are You Going To Try Leo Defi?
  5. How Do You Feel About The New Leo Finance Interface?
  6. Is The Ads Revenue From Leo Finance Invested Back In The Blockchain Or Used For DApps Improvements?
  7. What Is The Total Supply Of LEO Tokens And Can It Be Extended If Community Increases?
  8. Isn't EOS DeFi Ecosystem A Better Option For LEO Instead Of Ethereum? - Unanswered

6 of these 8 questions I've answered.

Each answer written from the Quello domain and including a link back to LeoFinance or the LeoDex, with the remaining 2 unanswered questions tagged in the list above.

Anyone else care to take these answers for us?

Once again, if you ask or answer quality LeoFinance related questions on Quello, I'm handing out 100% LEO upvotes.

Best of probabilities to you,


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