Rejigged GBP/USD Daily Zones

16 days ago
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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Day trading forex can be a frustrating game at times.

So after GBP/USD printed two gravestone dojis on resistance, price just continued higher.

Frustratingly for me with my zone where it was, price actually didn't print a new swing high, turning just below where the resistance zone I should have been trading around was situated.

Just take a look at the updated Cable daily chart below.

GBP/USD Daily:

Anyway, the markets don't stop when we poorly trade around a support/resistance zone and onward the price action narrative goes.

Brexit shenanigans have seen GBP/USD come right off this week, dropping straight back to a zone that previously acted as daily resistance.

Now we wait to see if the zone holds as support, before zooming in to try and day trade the zone.

It's actually been quite a big week of trading this week, but I'm saving some trade recap posts for Sunday and Monday morning when the markets are closed and things are a bit dull.

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