This Week's Best LeoFinance Question on Quello

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Happy Sunday, team.

Last weekend, I posted that I'd be handing out 100% LEO upvotes for LeoFinance related Questions asked on Quello.

Let's take a look at what the LeoFinance topic feed on Quello looks like:

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 11.11.20 am.png

Yes, there's been some life!

Not a lot of life, but life none the less!

This Week's Best LeoFinance Question on Quello

This week's best LeoFinance related question on Quello comes from @jogger, who received a 100% LEO upvote for asking: Should I stake My LEO Tokens or wait for wLEO and get a better deal?

Check out my answer below:

While all the hype is currently around what you can earn by providing liquidity for Wrapped LEO (wLEO), there will definitely still be opportunity for writers/curators that continue to stake LEO.

Remember, only staked LEO allows influence over the daily LEO rewards pool. It also must be distributed 50/50 between authors and curators daily, no matter what.

As primarily the large accounts unstake and move into wLEO, this will have an effect on how that rewards pool is distributed. Potentially giving accounts with smaller LEO stakes, a larger upvote and therefore greater influence over the rewards pool.

With the large accounts primarily driven by auto-voting, removing their stake could also encourage a wider distribution of rewards as smaller accounts pick up the slack through manual curation.

An excellent question that no doubt many LEO holders are looking for an answer to. As primarily a content creator, I know it was the first question to pop into my head when wLEO was first announced.

Not only did this question allow quality LeoFinance educational content on a Hive community brother to be written, but also gave us a chance to get a relevant link back to the domain.

This is exactly what this little Quello initiative is trying to achieve and we've made a good start.

So get onto Quello, ask a relevant question and let's establish our presence as the leading Hive community.

There's some juicy LEO upvotes in it for you!

Best of probabilities to you,


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