Michael Saylor On The Turing For Bitcoin And Crypto At Large

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The collapse of Luna’s stable coins definitely sent sock waves through out crypto space, and which definitely contributed to the present dip we are currently experiencing.The chief executive officer of micro-strategy Micheal Saylor spoke about the future of cryptocurrency and also he’s position on the fall of Luna’s stable coin.


In the interview on Fox business which is hosted by Charles Payne, he broke down cryptocurrency in bits by placing them in categories which is bitcoin, stable coins and other alternative tokens in he’s words in which I would quote from the video recording;

”The crypto crashes illustrated that the entire crypto world consists of three things: one perfect thing, which is Bitcoin, and it is digital property.
A few imperfect things, they’re stablecoins. The world wants digital dollars. It’s just hard to find them. They’re looking like opaque money market funds.
Then there’s a multitude, a whole host of dangerous things. Altcoins are unregistered securities, and what we saw this week was an altcoin blow-up.
The world wants stablecoins they can trust.”

Well I would go with him were he mentioned that the worlds needs more stable coins they can trust, because after the Luna stable coin crash I am definitely having a rethink on my stand point which stable tokens as even the USDT was affected.
The Microstrategy founder believes that this crash will have a positive effect on bitcoin admits it’s regularization process, and also making bitcoin stand out in the crypto space making it seem more like an assets like the worlds new digital gold.

He also made significant citations from he’s company's revenue that’s it’s a win for them everyday that they tend to see more converts to cryptocurrency as an alternative way of investing outside the stock market which is definitely bullish as regards market price.

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