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People need to realize that being a decentralized entity means there is nobody heading that type of stuff up.

I know it's decentralized and all, but we still have "Kings", "Queens", and "Leaders", and we've basically seen the same people "on the top" since the Steem days.

Those specific users could've used their influence a long time ago and tried something different. That's why I feel Hive is stagnant, because they're literally trying the same thing over and over. At least, that's how it feels like. And if I feel like that, as someone who's been here since 2016, I wouldn't really be surprised if that's how the "masses" feel as well.

it was all word of mouth among college students.

Which is exactly why I want people to focus more on WOMM, (word of mouth marketing). LEO and/or Hive feels too complex for a short elevator pitch. It takes time to learn and understand things here, meanwhile it doesn't take much time to upload a profile picture, write a status update and send friend requests..

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