LEO&HODL Contest Week 11 - Focus:LeoPedia

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Every week, the LEO&HODL contest chooses a LEO product (e.g., LeoDEX, LeoBridge, LPUD, etc.) and the contestants write their amazing posts and do the tasks to be eligible for 175 LEO prizes in addition to hodlcommunity support 🔥

It is quite easy to get rewarded with the contest. Write a post about the contest, post LeoThreads (blockchain-based Twitter), and do the tasks. You start experiencing Web3 in its latest form 😉


This week we will be talking about another unpopular product of the LeoFinance ecosystem: LeoPedia. As you can understand from its name, this is an information source by LeoFinance team ✌🏼

If it is less popular in LeoVerse, we have a duty to make it be known by every lion 😉

The Weekly Focus (till November 12) -> LeoPedia!

In this task, there are several questions to be answered if you wish to write about them.

  • Why do you think LeoPedia is unpopular?
  • What can be done by the community to revive this platform?
  • If you were a Leo developer, What would be you add to this system?
  • What categories can be added to the list?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses?

Also you can talk about:

  • Your previous experience with LeoPedia (if there is).
  • Step-by-step guide for newbies with screenshots.
  • Compare and contrast LeoPedia's main page and operations with the other token lending platforms that you know in crypto.


The Tasks of The LeoPedia Contest - Week 11

Here is the full list of tasks. You are supposed to address all of them to be eligible for 175 LEO prize.

  • Join the Discord of LeoFinance (Leo Discord) & HODL Community (HODL Discord).
  • Submit your entry on HODL Discord Channel -> leo-hodl-contest-submission
  • Create LeoThreads (at least 5 LeoThreads and do not forget to share the link in your submission) and explain the reasons why you use this Leo Product / the benefits of them etc.
  • Use hashtags #hodlcontest #leocontest #contest to be eligible.
  • Use at least 3 leoglossary links (Leo Glossary by TaskMaster) in your post.
  • Make a LPUD post on LeoFinance and the title of your post needs to have "LEO&HODL Contest" (e.g., September LPUD and LEO&HODL Contest)
  • Visit https://leopedia.io/ and use screenshots in your posts
  • Optional (Bonus): Invite 3 friends of yours by tagging in your post (e.g., hey @vlemon, you should join the contest)

Note: You can have maximum of 2 entries per week.


Your Favorite Contests

Tell us which weekly focuses were your favorite ones so far?
What other things can be done for the weekly focuses to be more engaging and informative?
Do you have any feedback regarding the process of weekly focuses so far?

Final Notes: Example Submission

When your content is ready, you will submit the link on HODL Discord channel named leo-hodl-contest-submission. The entries will be reviewed until Saturdays and the winners will be declared on Hodl Community Leo post.

You can check an example submission.
Total 175 LEO will be shared among Top 3. ( 100 / 50 / 25).
Each proper submission will be rewarded via upvotes.
Guidelines and visuals are very well appreciated.


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Check LeoPedia

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Oh thanks for this, let's see what we can come up with this week.

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