5 Things I Like about Hive more than any Web 2.0 Platforms

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Hey to all hivers who came across here. After spending years on Web 2.0 platforms and i Got nothing except time waste. then I finally landed on hive more than 90 Days ago.

And being on hive saw a lot of new thing's and I have so many reasons why I do Like hive more than any Web 2.0 platforms.

1. Hive Environment is better than Web 2.0

I spent more than 7 years on different web 2.0 social platforms and it has been a toxic place from the very beginning.

Web 2.0 is a place where People don't respect your opinion, always making fun for no reason. Always provoking each other and it Gets even more worse.

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On the other Side, Hive environment is way better. People are more educated and sensible. They respect each other point of view and opinions. No one troll each other for nationality or religion.

It isn't a toxic place and the friendly environment in hive is something makes me feel safe, comfortable and also that I'm in a Right place.

2. Hive is a Deep ocean of knowledge

I used to waste my time on Web 2.0 before and there was a time when doing "Google" for every little info was a thing.

But Now hive Changes everything because it's more like a deep ocean full of knowledge whether it's about finance related, Traveling and anything else happening around the Globe hive knows everything.

You Can Only Save One From Fire 06092022202501.jpg

Whatever Google show isn't always correct and on hive mostly it is "us" People telling what they saw.

Like take Ukraine or Russia conflict, Google doesn't show everything not anything near to truth meanwhile people on hive from Ukraine are sharing those things.

Knowledge in sense of people sharing their life experiences, financial which is helping people like me and every little like thing in hive is having an impact on someone's life in a better way.

3. Hive is Owned by it's People

Another reason why I like hive more than any Web 2.0 platforms is that Hive Blockchain is owned by it's community.

And gives permission, Freedom of speech to everyone.

Chief Tannabok Gets the News 06092022215146.jpg

To be honest, usually I don't do post in Web 2.0 but when I do they actually shadow ban or remove it and it is a thing I hate most.

But on hive it's not like that. Yea, theirs rule in hive and those are necessary but thing's like if someone doesn't like my post "Mute or ban" etc from community doesn't even make sense at all and it only happened once to me in hive and since then I've not looked back into that community.

So hive is owned by it's People and community. My keys and assets in safe my own hands. From Proposals, witnesses and everything on Blockchain is something we're involved.

4. Hive is helping Many People financially and in other ways

All these years on Web 2.0 platforms and never made anything out of it. Meanwhile hive is helping thousands of people financially.

In Times like COVID when no one had job, when inflation is too high and expenses are increasing. Hive is bringing a huge change in our life. Many people are becoming financially independent because of hive. Many in troubles or situation where they need money but don't have any are getting helped from the community.

For the Good causes in hive whether it's a water well in a desert area or helping citizens in war zone and in many ways hive is helping it's people.

5. hive is making easy to improve myself and find my interests

The last thing I liked about hive is since when I started engaging, learning and finding more communities.

I saw people activities in their life, some are interested in traveling, some loves cinema, taking pictures and many more.

So just because of this I also started taking interest in these and a lot of things are now changed in my life. I found many new activities or hobbies all credit goes to hive.

From staying at home to going out. traveling, photography and improvement in writing or self improvement.

hive helped me a lot, community contests, events and lot of happenings around the ecosystem these all things matter and had bring mostly new Things in my life and probably same for other hivers.


With the passage of time staying in hive. I will find out more Good and things to like. Hopefully, you can relate with thing's I said here and do let me know things you like about hive.

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Thanks for reading.


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I agree to all of your points ! Yea hive is so nice👍🏻
Greetings ✨


Thanks for stopping by.



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Woah! Great. I'm on way for next target.


You're welcome @idksamad78699. Looking forward to you reaching your new target 🌹


I would have to say that #3 is my main reason for liking Hive. Most times people here are very helpful and are happy to answer questions.

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Oh, that's Great! My favorite is actually #4. And yea, no doubt people are very helpful and never hesitate to answer. One of most good thing about hive.

Thanks for this lovely comment and stopping by.



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Very well said @idksamad78699!
Hive has really touched our lives that’s why I also want to bring my friends here but well..
I hope you’ll start bringing your friends here too!


Thank you witty.

Indeed. Bringing em would be great and to be honest most of friends are already on hive like Virtual friends. IRL one's are too busy in their life but yea will try to bring them here too.

Have a Great and wonderful day witty. Much !LUV & !PIZZA


You have mentioned many of the things that we love about Hive and we are here to stay :)

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Feels Good to hear this. Expected that more hivers will relate. Indeed Got so many reasons and things that won't let us go anywhere. We're here to stay fr.



That's very true, Hive is a haven :)

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No one can simply love hive less, and the best part, it is still developing and getting better by the day.


Indeed. Very well said. I'm seeing how it's getting better every day!

6 mo

I agree with all of the things you mentioned above. I just hope when the time comes that Hive and Web 3.0 become mainstream, trolls of web 2.0 won't invade these respectful and safe place :))