Indiaunited - Weekly Hive Delegation Report till 24-02-2022

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Namasthe, Indiaunited is a community that supports manual curation on Hive Blockchain. We manually curate posts every day from several users. People can delegate their Hive Power to the Indiaunited community and get a 100% share of the Curation rewards earned by the community account. The reward share will be based on the amount of HP delegated by an individual. The delegators will receive their curation reward share once every day. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our discord.


Total Curation Rewards in the last 7 days

DateTotal Rewards In VestsTotal HP

As you can see even though the curation reward curve is flat and we vote only posts that are less than 24 hours old, the rewards can be variable. It can differ from one day to another. That is why is best to take an average for a week and compare.

Delegators earning report

Below is the list of delegators who are currently delegating to the community and earning daily reward shares. I have prepared a consolidated report so that every delegator can see how much they are earning every week in total from their delegation and their average earning per day.

SNoDelegatorVesting SharesTotal HPTotal (per Week)Average (per Day)APRDelegation Last Updated
1@bobinson9506094.4295161.2396.4461.2899.12374 days ago
2@achimmertens7412021.1954024.2835.0261.0059.1278 days ago
3@namelessnameless5930992.1233220.1734.0210.8049.1181 days ago
4@bhattg4611152.612503.5793.1270.6259.1119 days ago
5@dagger2124609863.8812502.8793.1260.6259.1115 days ago
6@bala412883882377.7122107.8982.6320.5269.11598 days ago
7@marcmh6663701120.4372009.4862.5110.5029.1261 days ago
8@sayee3700304.4462009.0432.510.5029.1258 days ago
9@xawi1928917.8841047.2871.3080.2629.13529 days ago
10@mango-juice1873048.761016.9531.270.2549.12207 days ago
11@codingdefined1856547.7361007.9941.260.2529.13102 days ago
12@treasure.hoard1754593.618952.6391.1890.2389.1234 days ago
13@lifecruiser1534829.093833.321.040.2089.11191 days ago
14@yogeshbhatt1322128.245717.8360.8960.1799.1139 days ago
15@inuke1296035.82703.670.8080.1628.410 days ago
16@pankajkabdwal1276749.413693.1980.8650.1739.11139 days ago
17@yangyanje1111604.514603.5350.7530.1519.1376 days ago
18@steemflow975514.614529.6460.6610.1329.1632 days ago
19@syedumair973381.689528.4880.660.1329.12630 days ago
20@coolguy123934438.697507.3440.6340.1279.14182 days ago
21@ecoinstats932952.558506.5370.6340.1279.15163 days ago
22@selfhelp4trolls924187.448501.7780.6270.1259.0945 days ago
23@karishmasingh711922559.001500.8940.6260.1259.1123 days ago
24@blog-beginner834838.305453.2670.5660.1139.193 days ago
25@certain749173.92406.7560.5080.1029.1556 days ago
26@akkighanate2018728325.281395.4370.4940.0999.14405 days ago
27@hardikv645255.937350.3350.4260.0858.8613 days ago
28@r1s2g3630137.045342.1270.4280.0869.17421 days ago
29@oivas584102.172317.1320.3960.0799.09631 days ago
30@nainaztengra569060.934308.9660.3850.0779.1348 days ago
31@jyoti-thelight557872.423302.8910.3780.0769.16122 days ago
32@eolianpariah468388.988254.3070.3190.0649.19209 days ago
33@taxguy465075.538252.5080.3150.0639.11110 days ago
34@myanmarkoko464707.016252.3080.3150.0639.11115 days ago
35@birjudanak463906.016251.8730.3140.0639.1396 days ago
36@sayalijain463687.001251.7540.3140.0639.1390 days ago
37@mcfarhat403327.148218.9820.2740.0559.171210 days ago
38@ayushthedreamer374132.264203.1310.2540.0519.16193 days ago
39@preets370819.358201.3330.250.059.0648 days ago
40@readthisplease369153.542200.4280.250.059.1128 days ago
41@manojbhatt278147.185151.0170.1880.0389.1887 days ago
42@yuzana278137.883151.0120.1880.0389.1886 days ago
43@hungryharish204883.96111.240.140.0289.19864 days ago
44@guurry123195534.965106.1640.1320.0268.94631 days ago
45@mintymile194741.62105.7330.1310.0268.98398 days ago
46@luckyali194741.62105.7330.1310.0268.98578 days ago
47@careassaktart194741.62105.7330.1310.0268.98516 days ago
48@vishalsingh4997192692.165104.620.1310.0269.07301 days ago
49@hatoto192144.6104.3230.130.0269.1487 days ago
50@idea-make-rich191182.835103.8010.130.0269.14432 days ago
51@harpreetjanda190745.654103.5630.130.0269.16284 days ago
52@jznsamuel189517.12102.8960.1290.0269.22338 days ago
53@nirvana3003188617.752102.4080.1280.0269.27283 days ago
54@justclickindiva188519.164102.3550.1280.0269.27267 days ago
55@diebitch188458.972102.3220.1280.0269.27274 days ago
56@frames187040.512101.5520.1260.0258.99191 days ago
57@maxili63186974.457101.5160.1260.0258.99187 days ago
58@nurseanne84186417.922101.2140.1260.0259.02152 days ago
59@naythan186335.485101.1690.1260.0259.02147 days ago
60@alokkumar121186250.953101.1230.1260.0259.0216 days ago
61@asterkame186069.465101.0250.1260.0259.0327 days ago
62@irisworld185961.099100.9660.1260.0259.04122 days ago
63@winelay185883.781100.9240.1260.0259.04117 days ago
64@beyondhorizonmm185704.705100.8270.1260.0259.05105 days ago
65@samest185512.209100.7220.1260.0259.0639 days ago
66@julianhorack185509.27100.720.1260.0259.0692 days ago
67@anmolsingh3006185473.328100.7010.1260.0259.0689 days ago
68@lavista185367.259100.6430.1260.0259.0770 days ago
69@mawit07185335.631100.6260.1260.0259.0780 days ago
70@shonyishere185329.715100.6230.1260.0259.0780 days ago
71@oxidil185109.153100.5030.1260.0259.0865 days ago
72@abmakko185038.22100.4650.1260.0259.0845 days ago
73@dishant018184809.721100.3410.1260.0259.0934 days ago
74@shubhwaj184726.447100.2950.1250.0259.138 days ago
75@shrazi184696.798100.2790.1250.0259.136 days ago
76@deimage184672.143100.2660.1250.0259.130 days ago
77@kirlos184637.832100.2470.1250.0259.132 days ago
78@vikbuddy184525.319100.1860.1250.0259.1124 days ago
79@punkblogs184501.005100.1730.1250.0259.1123 days ago
80@reeta0119184405.756100.1210.1250.0259.1116 days ago
81@khaleesii184302.791100.0650.0290.02910.589 days ago
82@cruis159083.86286.3730.1080.0229.356 days ago
83@vandanabhatt103291.29656.0810.070.0149.11194 days ago
84@mk99203996873.0252.5960.0660.0139.02577 days ago
85@vickoly92326.16950.1280.0630.0139.4733 days ago
86@surejosh41885.85922.7420.0270.0058.02218 days ago
87@sabari1840972.19422.2450.0270.0058.21278 days ago
88@scrapie36895.53920.0320.0260.0059.1121 days ago
89@stevieboyes27653.96915.0140.020.0037.293 days ago
90@moviekeeda18551.60310.0720.0120.0027.2593 days ago
91@bilpcoinbpc18509.21410.0490.0120.0027.2664 days ago
92@dragon-ti18439.99910.0120.0120.0027.2916 days ago
93@gargi10243.055.5610.0060.0016.56977 days ago
94@hurax9220.8025.0060.0060.0017.297 days ago

We have the above list of members delegating to our @indiaunited community. If you don't want yourself to be tagged in any of the future posts, please let us know in the comments.

Note: The above list will not include delegations that were made in the last 7 days. Additionally please note that for some people the APR value would be a little different either more or less. This means they would have recently updated their delegation. Otherwise, the APR is close to 11% and there will be a slight variation based on the price of Hive.

This post is an automated post. If you find any discrepancies or have any questions please reach out to us on the discord server.


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aha great, it is good to see the weekly paper on time again. 💪🙏
It is good to see the increase in the delegators.

!giphy great




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It's nice meeting this community.. It's cool


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