Is a $WLEO listing on Binance coming soon?

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When Binance?

An interesting little exchange on Twitter occurred earlier today. @nathanmars put out a tweet basically requesting Binance list WLEO. The response he got from @khaleelkazi on the official LeoFinance account was interesting.

I have a feeling $WLEO will be there sooner than most expect
@khaleelkazi - 7 hours ago.

Does this mean that the listing is coming soon? Imminent? This year? I guess only Khal can answer those questions.


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Benefits when and if...

If a Binance listing does occur, it would have a massive impact on the market for LEO and WLEO.

  • More available - Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges, a listing would make it much easier for people to buy. Many people still prefer centralized exchanges, and Uniswap can be daunting for the uninitiated.

  • More exposure - A Binance listing carries some weight, and will of itself boost the profile of LeoFinance. Introducing the eco-system to new potential users in a familiar ERC20 format many are used to.

  • Arbitrage - Opening up a new market for WLEO creates an extra arbitrage opportunity. Depending on the trading pairs, price variations between Binance and Uniswap will be quickly balanced by arbitragers, with this having a positive impact on the trading fees generated by the Liquidity pool.

  • Improves the case for more CEX listings - a Binance listing would make it much a easier conversation to have with other exchanges, as one of the industry leaders has already recognised and listed the token, others will surely follow to keep up with the competition.

  • It would be easy - being an ERC20, listing WLEO would be a simple process for exchanges. I would assume some kind of "contract review" would be part of the process - but adding WLEO would be not much harder than flicking a switch I'm guessing.

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So, I guess we just have to wait for Khal - the tease - to let us know If Binance will be one of WLEO's first major exchange listings. Is his statement just outlining a goal, or is A Binance listing actually coming soon?

Thanks for reading - speculate away in the comments.


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