Wooohooo HIVE reach ATH!

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Congratulations to all HIVE hodlers!! Hive reached all time high at the price of $1.90.

HIVEUSDT 4 hour chart

The candle have been respecting the upward trend line, every time it dip and touches the upwards trend line it bounced up & the price have the continuation to going upwards!

Will it break $1.90? Let wait and see.

Wish you have a good and amazing day!

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Early Christmas present for those who have extra HIVE on their wallet 😍


Christmas came early !!


I've been following your analysis for a while now. Just curious, have you ever worked as a broker? Or it's just your interest?


waahahaha.. yes.. it broke 1.90 which is great.. the next question you can post.. can it break 100... Hahaha.. last time the highest Steem was at around 5 USD/steem. My day has been amazing. how is urs?