@rynow Made Me Acquire Magnor

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I find myself hooked to Splinterlands which is surprising to myself because I used to tell myself I am not a game kind of person.
In approximately a year of playing the game I just can't stop, I rare miss completing my quest unless very occupied with work.

The game naturally comes with challenges, winning more battles is everyone's goal as the hustle to rise higher in ranks remains priority and staying up just as challenging as rising up.

@rynow shared some battles of late which got me like Wow!

It might interest you to check out the battle: Magnor rule in stampede ruleset!!


I think I found the Magnor quite cheap for a level 2 at $14.85 compared to the lowest I would have got it if I had to buy from 3 from different sellers which would have cost me $17.35.


The goal is having Magnor at level 3 and beyond. This monster could increase my win rate with fire Splinter and I sure will be sharing a battle with it on of these days.

Hopefully I have acquired a badass monster for the wins!

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