What Are You Doing?

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Let me put a quick disclaimer out there....

I'm a fan of @bitcoinflood

I've known the guy for over a decade and we come from very similar backgrounds when it comes to online business. He's one of the creators I follow around here on the blockchain but also other social media as well.

He just posted something on Noise.Cash which I thought would be the perfect topic to dive into...Especially after the 'red days' we've been having of late...


So quick question....

What are you doing?

Are you becoming a 'Negative Nancy' when the markets turn red? Is that it? No more networking, no more accumulation?

You just hang up the gloves and wait for the kids to talk about Dogecoin on TikTok again??

Oh no, I get it...Elon! We need another Elon Musk tweet to get us excited about this crypto stuff!

Or maybe we need to wait until Gary Vaynerchuk jumps on Hive or Leo and claims this is the place to be...Then we'll get fired up again?

Like @bitcoinflood mentioned above...You are actually earning MORE crypto when things go south in the markets.

And we're all about accumulation right?

So this means...We should be MORE active NOW, rather than when the hype builds up again...And believe me, it'll build again...

If you have spent any amount of time in this market, you know the cycles come and go.

But here's the biggest reason WHY you need to get off your butt and be visible right now:

It's so much easier to be noticed...Now! Rather than when thousands are competing for attention!

Why is that?

Simple, most people...Are sitting on their hands. They aren't creating. They aren't engaging. They aren't being visible now because...

Elon hasn't tweeted!

One of the biggest lessons in online business you will ever learn is that it's so important to keep your 'brand' or your name out there in the market.


And that's why you should be creating and being active on blockchains like this one. And hey, not only is it easier to be noticed, you can potentially get REWARDED and accumulate MORE crypto in the process!

But hey...

Let's stay silent. Take a break and wait for the masses to show up. I'm sure that'll work out in the long run...

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