Bitcoin Marketing, possibly the best form of Marketing there is!

6 days ago
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Bitcoin Marketing works!

Microstrategy gained in all sorts of ways following their massive bitcoin investment, but one way specifically that no one really talks about.

Everyone likes to talk about how much money Microstrategy put into bitcoin ($425 million), or how they did so without really moving the price, or what it did to their stock price etc, but they don't really talk about the other major benefit...

What it's done to their website in terms of traffic...

Check this out:



Over the last 90 days has gone from the #29,000 ranked website in terms of traffic and engagement on Alexa to the #19,000 ranked website on Alexa.

For those doing the math, that's roughly a 38% gain in less than 3 months!

And that has mostly all happened since the time they announced that they had invested in bitcoin.

The Bitcoin effect...

Looking back, MSTR announced that they had bought bitcoin on August 10th.

You can see what it did their stock price here:



Just a ho-hum 33% gain on their stock while the S&P gained roughly 3% over that same time period.

Talk about the bitcoin effect!

So, not only has bitcoin boosted their stock price, made them famous in the crypto world, but it's also driving tons more traffic to their website.

Given all of that, bitcoin marketing might just be the best form of marketing there is right now for a publicly trading company.

I suspect I am not the only one noticing these things.

Other public companies are going to start pouring in very shortly as well.

Stay informed my friends.


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