CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko both list wLEO!

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First it was CoinGecko, and now it's CoinMarketCap!

Like a snowball rolling downhill, wLEO had been growing quietly at first but has since been building serious momentum and is starting to make some noise.

CoinGecko listed wLEO yesterday, more on that can be seen here:

And now today, CoinMarketCap has also listed wLEO...



Like CoinGecko the other day, the only exchange it shows for wLEO is Uniswap.

It turns out the Uniswap listing was important for all sorts of unforeseen reasons! :)

This is very good news...

Overall, this is very good news.

While we might not see an immediate pump in the price based on these inclusions, it is very good news in the medium to long-term.

Though, after the CoinGecko listing yesterday we did see an uptick in the price and a huge uptick in the volume on Uniswap as well as the total liquidity being provided.

What was originally a couple hundred to a couple thousand in trading fees each day prior has quickly jumped to tens of thousands in trading fees over the last couple days and the total liquidity is up near $280k...



The really good news is that these listings will likely drive a lot more traffic to the project though.

More traffic means more ad revenue and more ad revenue means more money going in and buying the token.

I haven't seen the latest ad revenue numbers yet but my guess is the ad revenue is going to go up significantly after these listings.

Unfortunately for me I keep losing percentage of the liquidity pool as it grows larger every day, which means I may have to sell some more bitcoin in order to get that percentage up, but that's a good problem to have. :)

Stay informed my friends.


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When I try to make sense of everything
this is really vital for #wleo to be pretty soon
in a centralized exchange.
It will give #hive an indirect boost.
The whole community will benefit from it.

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I think we will see it on a few in the not too distant future...


I hope you guys are right and it will positively affect hive's price because it's sill going down and kind of getting depressing


Well it may be a while until wLEO positively impacts the price of HIVE...


better late than never I guess