Crazy like a fox?!

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Trump ups his coronavirus stimulus offer to $1.8 trillion, ball back in Pelosi's court

Just when you think he couldn't possibly be any dumber... he goes off and does something like this... and totally redeems himself!


Two days after completely calling of negotiations on a comprehensive coronavirus relief package that had been negotiated for weeks and months, Trump decides to go back to the table and up his offer.

Trump moved the white house's offer from $1.6 trillion to $1.8 trillion, which is more or less right in the middle of the two sides.

The Democrat lead House and previous passed a $2.2 trillion aid package.

Is Trump crazy or crazy like a fox?

The timeline of events leading into this is rather strange, or possibly calculated, depending on your point of view.

  • Last week Trump gets coronavirus which is said by Pelosi to make a stimulus package more likely
  • Trump calls for republicans to go big and get a deal done several days later from his hospital bed
  • Trump then recovers from virus, reverses course, and promptly calls off talks with Pelosi and dems, surprising everyone
  • The next day Trump says he wants small targeted relief bills instead of a comprehensive package that funds poorly run democratic cities/states
  • Then today Trump reverses course again and says he wants a comprehensive package and is willing to go up to $1.8 trillion, which is $200 billion higher than his previous offer

Confused yet?

Some thoughts...

It looks like Trump is shooting from the hip and is all over the place on the surface, but a quote from Trump himself makes it sound like there is a bit of a plan under the surface, at least in his eyes.

Trump said he called off talks originally because Pelosi was unwilling to come down at all and talks were going nowhere. Ideally he would like small targeted relief measures, but realizes he's going to have to play ball with Pelosi in order to get anything done prior to the election.

Now the ball is squarely back in Pelosi's court and if she doesn't meet in the middle as well, it will make her and her party look bad.

Trump knows this and basically put himself in position to look like the good guy on these relief talks for Americans.

Even if they end up not amounting to an agreement at this point, Trump has done basically all he could to look like the good guy at this stage and that may land him a few more votes next month.

Which, unfortunately, is what all this is about these days.

Either way, a stimulus package is coming and it will help bitcoin and stocks go higher.

Stay informed my friends.

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