The #1 Reason Why Bitcoin and Crypto Will Succeed In This Global Financial Crisis - LEO Show #28

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It’s not just about succeeding in this global financial crisis — some people thought that BTC/crypto would actually rise in a recession. The key is that the mainstream conversation about markets, central banks and monetary policies will shift to talking about sound financial policies outside the traditional banking system — something that BTC was literally created to solve.

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In This Episode

  • Multi-Trillion Dollar Stimulus and unsound monetary policies entering the mainstream conversation
  • Bitcoin’s raison d’etre is to be a sound form of currency that is globally accessible, easily transportable and decentralized
  • As central banks print to “infinity” — to use their terminology — we’ll see a focus on stores of value with limited supplies and transportability. Gold is great and I think it’ll go up as well, but we’re moving toward a high-speed digital age. BTC solves the issues that gold solves in terms of “sound money” AND it also is way easier to transport than Gold or virtually any other store of wealt
  • Ethereum, alt-coins, DeFi and the need for Web 3.0 systems to help everyone bank outside the banking system — it’s not just for the unbanked

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