LEO is Migrating to the Multi Chain Future | 4 Blockchains Integrated and Black Hole Theory Taking Effect

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It should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following LeoFinance that we're migrating deeper into the trenches of a multi-chain future.

2 years ago, Interoperability was just another crypto white paper buzz word that didn't mean anything.

Today, it's a real thing. Blockchains, protocols and tokens of the future are migrating to the "multi-chainiverse" and with LEO, we saw this coming from a mile away.

It was over 1 year ago that we took LEO multi-chain with the launch of Wrapped LEO.

About 9 months ago, we then deployed bLEO and took LEO to 3 blockchains (Hive, Ethereum and BSC).

In the sooniverse, we'll deploy pLEO (Polygon LEO) and take LEO to 4 blockchains.

Our upcoming WLEO-RUNE integration will then take us to an exchange of the future. Where native assets can be seamlessly traded. wLEO will live among them and offer one of the highest APYs for staking.

The future is bright for LEO in this multi-chain economy. With blogging on Web3 (Hive), wrapping bridges, LeoBridge and platforms like CubFinance and PolyCUB to deeply incentivize LEO Pools, we're building a Web3 economy like no other. Truly unique.



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