How Covid is Bringing Massive Opportunities to the Real Estate Market in 2021 | LEO Podcast Clip

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In the last LEO Roundtable we talked about the real estate market. @scaredycatguide (Mitchell) and @nealmcspadden (Neal) have a lot of knowledge in this area and they shed some light on how Covid is impacting real estate now and in the next few years to come.

With the high rate of forbearance, the growing unemployment rate and the suffering economic climate in the U.S., there are a lot of aligning factors that could cause a significant drop in the overall real estate market.

Another key factor in this whole discussion is the foreclosure process and the difference between judicial and non-judicial states.

I personally learned a lot from this section of the Roundtable and I think it’s valuable for any investor to hear whether you’re in real estate or not. It gleans some insight into having a macro perspective of a given industry and knowing when to put your capital to work and when to accumulate capital and be patient for a coming BTFD moment — which might be coming to real estate.

Clipped From the Full LEO Roundtable Episode:

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In This Episode:

  • Forbearance at 9%
  • Judicial and Non-Judicial States Explained
  • The Beginning of a Turn from Seller’s Market to Buyer’s Market
  • Going into Cash to Take Advantage of Opportunities in 1-2 Years

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