Using Uniswap as a Gateway to Listing LEO On Major Exchanges, dApps and Crypto Aggregators

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One of the long-term goals of the LeoFinance project has always been to get out into the broader crypto space and get listed on major exchanges and dApps. With an ERC20 token bridge (the Wrapped LEO token), we can now get listed on any exchange or application in crypto that accepts ERC20s - which happens to be pretty much every single exchange/application in crypto.

ERC20 is the most widely accepted and utilized token protocol in the industry. Having wLEO as a token bridge from Hive -> Ethereum allows us to earn rewards using the amazing qualities of the Hive blockchain — instant, fee-less transactions and social features — and then seamlessly “cross the bridge” by wrapping or unwrapping LEO -> wLEO and then interacting with the ERC20 equivalent.

As an ERC20, we can get listed on any major exchange and application. Now that the technology is in place (the wLEO smart contract and wrapping/unwrapping process), all we have to do is gain volume and liquidity on Uniswap.

In this clip, we talk about the importance of leveraging Uniswap as a gateway to getting listed on other apps and exchanges. With the right amount of liquidity and volume, we can use the wLEO-ETH Uniswap pair as a proof of concept to take to the Binance DEX, the Binance CEX and other players in the crypto space.

What’s the Point of Getting Listed on Major Exchanges and dApps?

Getting listed is a great thing for any cryptocurrency but LEO is unique in that it is a social application. The more listings we gain, the more exposure we can tap into. Increased exposure means casting a wider net to onboard more users to LeoFinance and Hive.

Within days of wLEO’s launch on Uniswap, we’ll start by contacting coin aggregators (i.e. Coingecko/CMC), app tracking platforms (i.e. Blockfolio) and exchanges (i.e. Binance DEX) to get LEO’s ERC20 equivalent (wLEO) listed in as many places as possible.

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You should check out Defibox Swap on EOS. Works like a charm, at a tiny fraction of the tx cost, so it enables users to swap small amounts, too.

Uniswap is already too old. Sushi is where liquidity is flowing on Ethereum right now

Posted using Dapplr

Only for now as the chase for returns continues, once they max out sushi you'll see a lot flow back into uniswap! The success is going to be replicated on several chains, Tron now has Just.swap and Im sure there will be more

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Arent there usually ridiculously high listing fees on major exchanges? Is there a plan to address those?

Posted using Dapplr

wLEO with all its incentives and marketing strategy might lift the LEO community at the first sight, but also bring awareness on HIVE blockchain as well. This is what I call a double strike!

Posted Using LeoFinance

The added benefit of getting listed on more exchanges is the potential for a major price hike, of course!

Surely! When more hands demand for LEO with its limited supply, the price would certainly double and triple. I'm valuing LEO at $5.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Interesting growth around the LEO ecosystem. This is why I am encouraged to have accounting and finance students in tertiary institutions research on LEO token. Hoping schools resumes soon.

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'm a big fan of how you now cut these short clips out.

Keep up the great work mate.

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In my view Uniswap is much better than Binance DEX. That's why if wLEO get listed on Uniswap it will be a huge success!

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Good job! Hopeful about LeoFinance's future! Congratulations for the work! Leo to the sky!

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Every exchange listing also means more liquidity is spread onto different order books pulling out of the current system here, uniswap is just the first one, there are so many other DEX's, iDex for example. You just keep that listing churning

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