1000 Leo Power Goal

9 days ago
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I see that leo will be boom in the next few months. After integrating with metamask, leo will be exposed to eth community directly from eth wallet. That is great jump of leo team

I decide to achieve my first small goal. 1000 leo power. Is it possible? How and what the source?

' Powerdown my steem.
Since no significat rewards and upvote in my posts in steem I decide to powedown and buy leo power.

  • Power down my hive.
    That is the same case with steem. I don't feel my hive rewards increase but get lower and lower. That is very bad
    Power down hive and invest in leo.
  • Curration reward
    Yeah I hope there will be leo whales that will adopt me to curatey posts with 100 % curation.
  • Power delegation
    I know a whale has a bunch of reason to delegate leo power. I offer delehation from minnows thsn I will save autovote tp my drlegators.

Those are source of power. I hope you can help me and together we grow.

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