The Time Has Finally Come.. Retiring the @steem.leo Account | Interface + wLEO Updates

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The Time Has Finally Come.. Retiring the steem.leo Account  Interface  wLEO Updates.png

15 months ago, Steemleo was launched on the blockchain and with it came the @steem.leo account for our official updates. Since moving to Hive, we branded our project to LeoFinance and acquired the @leofinance account - where we now also run our Hive witness node.

It's been a long time coming, but we're now finally retiring the @steem.leo account as our source of official updates. From this point forward, we'll be posting all of our major updates from this account: @leofinance.

We've been working hard on two major projects for the LeoFinance community -- Our brand new interface (which we've been developing for over 2 months now) and more recently the launch of the wLEO token bridge to the Ethereum blockchain.

wLEO brings a lot of exciting prospects to the LeoFinance community as it lets our LEO token get listed on external exchanges, within external dApps and more. It also allows us to collaborate with other projects more easily which will build our audience and status in the crypto community outside of Hive. This is a key move for the future of our project as we aim to onboard new users, content creators and token HODLers.

wLEO Minted on the Testnet


The first wLEO was recently minted on the testnet. We're moving everything over to the mainnet soon and will likely have all of the tech in place to handle wLEO in the next 2 days. At launch, we'll have:

  1. An interface to wrap/unwrap and interact with wLEO
  2. The wLEO smart contract itself
  3. Uniswap listing
  4. Initial liquidity pool (LeoFinance has committed to locking a minimum of $20,000 USD on launch day)
  5. A new landing page to describe our project both to Hive users and to non-Hive users

The official launch date is TBD - but will likely be the end of this week or early next week. We're organizing a few more key pieces including marketing materials, paid ad listings about the project, the wLEO interface, a wLEO resource page on LeoPedia and a few others.

Prepare yourselves. This launch is going to be a huge day for LeoFinance as we launch our ERC20 token bridge and take the project to new heights 🚀

Interface Updates for LeoFinance Beta

ICYMI: The new interface that we've built from the ground up just entered open beta 2 days ago. We've been working on this project for a while and are excited to open it up for testing, bug fixes and feedback.

As mentioned in the launch post, the goal of this interface was to build an experience for our users that was on par with PeakD and then iterate from there. As you use the beta, you'll see us continually adding new features that are in our roadmap and also requested features by the community as we receive ongoing feedback.

After we conduct a few rounds of open testing and feedback, we'll replace the primary interface - (condenser) with the new interface and move it from open beta to production. This process will likely take about 1-2 weeks.

Recently Added:

In the last 48 hours since the Open Beta announcement, we've added a few new features:

New Homepage

The homepage of any website should be an intuitive and valuable experience. Right off the bat, users will land on our home page and see the top navbar which shows the most popular tags in the LeoFinance community. Below that, they'll see a manually curated feed of content.


Below the manually curated feed are the Popular and Latest columns. These show the standard trending feed (content earning the most LEO upvote rewards) and latest shows the most recently published content on the site.

This is a different experience than what's out there on Hive and I find it to be a much better way to discover content. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Upvote Details:

When you click on the number of upvotes a post has received, you'll get a new "Votes (LEO Rewards)" popup window. This shows you the list of users who upvoted a specific piece of content along wiht the LEO value of their vote, the % weight they used and the time they upvoted after the publishing date.


LEO Apps Menu:

We added a quick navigation menu for our other applications (LeoDex, Hivestats and LeoPedia). Soon, you'll also see the new Wrapped LEO interface make it into the apps menu.


Performance + Bug Fixes:

In the last 24 hours, a performance and bug fix release was pushed onto the site. This fixed a few issues including a bug with the icon packs for the create a post interface, improved SEO and page load speed, social card metadata and a few other key changes on the backend.


Upcoming Changes:

Most of the key features have already been added to the site. The next 2 major features that we're developing now are the Mobile Version of the interface and Dark Mode -- two of the most requested updates since the Open Beta launch.

Along with the development of these two major updates, we'll also release a major update to the Wallet UI.

We're also actively collecting bug reports in our Discord server. If you have some spare time and want to help us make the interface the best it can be before we move it into production, please test out the version and then drop a bug report for any issues you find.

In Other News

Developments have been crazy lately and there are a few reports that we've fallen slightly behind on including the August Ad Report and the Leo vs. Hive author reward comparisons. Expect those reports to be released (from @leofinance 😉) this week.

We're putting together a repository of information about the LEO -> wLEO token bridge on the LeoPedia site. This resource will also be released this week and is why you've been seeing an increase in video content from the @khaleelkazi account as all the relevant podcast clips are getting added to the archives. Here's a little sneak peak:


steemleo black token divider.png

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ALl good news. That is a helluva post with a ton in it. This shows how much is going on simultaneously within the LEO ecosystem.

A lot of small moves combined end up making a huge move. It is clear from this post that we are seeing a lot activity that is going to move LEO forward in a big way.

Unique features will help to separate LEO from the rest of Hive and provide a user experience that is not duplicated elsewhere.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

A lot is happening right now. The community should expect to see daily updates coming from this account throughout the next 2 weeks. We've got the beta interface in continual development as we reach the V1 production release, the new interface coming soon, the new LeoPedia resource, the new landing page resource, the wLEO token contract itself, the Uniswap listing, the app listings (which we'll announce a day after the Uniswap listing)............ How much caffeine do we need? Unlimited.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Cocaine can be your friend, at least until it lands your arse in rehab. 😁

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The community should expect to see daily updates coming from this account throughout the next 2 weeks.

Daily? That would be a great job. Keep on!

Posted Using LeoFinance

"Right off the bat, users will land on our home page and see the top navbar which shows the most popular tags in the LeoFinance community. Below that, they'll see a manually curated feed of content."

I like this.

We need to make the best impression possible to people coming to LeoFinance from outside the Hive ecosystem.

So long as there are auto voters and humans being humans looking to maximise rewards, the hot/trending pages will never show the highest quality content.

Adding a manually curated tab is a nice compromise.

Who chooses what goes here and how?

Posted Using LeoFinance

I 100% manually curate from this (@khaleelkazi) account. The curated list uses a simple algorithm that takes the most recent posts that I've upvoted and displays them in a particular part of the curated list based on the % vote weight I use and how long ago my vote was cast.

We may switch this to the @leo.voter account later on, but I am typically more active from this account throughout the day so that's why we chose it. I also could see a future where we make the algorithm a bit more complicated and take the collective votes of say 10 different curators and display content based on that.

For now, this is a relatively simple implementation that lets us show some of the top content on the site. I try to pick the best content to give my larger upvotes toward each day and tend to avoid the regular high rollers on LEO (people who earn above 50-70 LEO on each post due to autovoters) - especially since they're easy to find on the "Popular" or "Trending" feeds. I will cast a large vote on some of those posts though if they are outstanding in terms of quality/relevance.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

All sounds like good, common sense to me.

Can't wait for the full release :)

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'm excited too :) especially for mobile + dark mode. Those will be awesome

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

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So many exciting new developments! You all did a very good job!


  ·  12 days ago (edited)

The new homepage is very cool!

All I can say is that LEO is one of the best things that happened in Hive blockchain @khaleelkazi
Keep it up and I wish our community all the best :D

Posted Using LeoFinance

That looks pretty great and I am looking forward to try to post there whenever I write about crypto (or any) related finance !

Curious question, will there be a consideration of scheduled posting feature like in the future?

I hope we'll be expecting a dual "reward output" showing $HIVE and $LEO. Some people find it difficult to understand the value of their upvotes received in terms of LEO. Adding a $LEO value and the HBD value earned from HIVE votes would make the new leofinance UI a home for all.

Posted Using LeoFinance

@leofinance is getting better and better 🚀

Surprised you didn't this sooner! The name is so powerful as LeoFinance and who would want that old handle! Rock on boys! @leofinance

That's great, I love all these updates. I see that Leo's ecosystem is very complete, that's great for its growth.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Dumb question time.

The daily LEO payments from @leo.bounties for delegating to @leo.voter have recently dropped significantly. Is this because of LEO’s recent price move or because more delegations have poured in?

Hey @leofinance, the invitation link to your Discord server in this post seems to have expired, please provide a new one ;) Cheers!

I'm glad I saw this before the account was retired and it has prompted me to install the keychain extension

Posted Using LeoFinance

Very good job👍

At least in iOS, does not have any obvious login option. But your screenshots are from logged in accounts. What am I missing?