My account movements in September 2020

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In my country, for several years now, an inflationary phenomenon has been occurring, where the commercial marker of the value of the national currency with respect to the dollar is an Internet page, which is published from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm; so when it is up, we must go out and buy very early before the merchants update the prices to the new values of the dollar. It is important to mention that all prices, although by law they must be expressed in the national currency, the reality is that traders place them at the equivalent value in U.S. dollars. The most serious thing is that we have an inflationary race in currencies, which means that if you go to a store and ask, for example, the cost of a kilo of cheese and they tell you 2 dollars, you go three hours later to buy the same cheese and now it is worth 2.2 dollars.


It's a difficult economy to live in, even more so when the salaries are paid in the national currency and are totally distant from the reality of the market, we the inhabitants have to look for other incomes to be able to make up the difference. To show an example I will use the values of my bank balance in the month of September, it is impressive when I reviewed and observed that what I receive as salary is not enough for normal purchases in our home and I could detect the following: for the concept of payments received for my formal work entered the equivalent of thirty (30) U.S. dollars and when adding the column of payments I observed that I had a total of seventy-six dollars (76), a deficit of forty-six dollars (46), which we compensate with what we earn in other activities.


In the headlines of some news we can observe that Venezuela is in third place in the Global Index of cryptocurrencies Adoption, so we can infer that platforms such as Hive represent an interesting percentage in this participation. Source


This is my first participation in a subject of which I am not an expert, but I live the fluctuations of my country's economy and I am obliged to study it in order to find the best alternatives to grow. I dared to write about it because of a comment in one of my posts in @oldtimer and because of my friend @angelica7, who is always inviting us to experiment new experiences within this interesting platform.


Give readers, grateful for your valuable visit and your comments in my publications, you feed and activate my motivation to write, every day is a reason to thank God for so many blessings. Happiness always


Venezuela, land of peace
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