Cast A Witness Vote For @leofinance

12 days ago
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@leofinance is currently 39th on the list. It would be nice of it were in the top 20 for the following reasons:

  1. As the market cap of LEO and the reach of the LeoFinance ecosystem grow the need for more say on Hive governance becomes more pressing.

  2. It certainly wouldn't hurt if there were more competition over the top 20 spots because they earn about 80% [edited, thanks to a comment by a reader] of the witness rewards. It would help spread significant stake into a greater number of hands, which would increase the security of the chain. It would make Hive more resistant against every type of attack, not just financial.

The easiest way to review your witness votes is to go to and to open the drop down menu in the upper right corner. The navigate to "Witnesses". Voting is easy to do from there. You have up to 30 votes all of which you don't have to use. When you delegate Hive Power or receive delegations, witness voting power remains with the delegator. It is non-transferable. When hard fork 24 is done, all newly powered up stake remains unable to vote for witnesses for 30 days. That is a new security feature.


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