A Decentralized Sphere Ideal for our times

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The concept of decentralization,as much as it is much of a crypto terminology, it is also a political term, it actually does cut into other spheres. The word Decentralization in itself is decentralized, as its meaning doth spread beyond a particular sphere or register.

Decentralization entails that "control", "power" does not totally exist in one single authority. In a decentralization, power is with everyone in varying levels, one is unable to pinpoint where power lies. Power /control is everywhere, allowing for checks and balances, which is one of my favourite characteristic traits of the concept, Decentralization, no one entity is responsible for the affairs of every other entity, yes , they could posses a certain level of influence, but not in totality, and this supposed influence can be sufficiently checked .

This concept of decentralization is of course a fine embodiment of the cryptoworld,as much as I've noticed within the Hive blockchain, it seems to be the major tenet of the hive Blockchain, not surprised! I've actually learnt more about decentralization from being on the hive Blockchain than perhaps I could have from a school, I see decentralization in theory and practice here.

Decentralization is a precursor for freedom and this is the message of my many twitter friends @nonsowrites, @belemo,@donald.porter, @mistakili, @nathanmars, they tirelessly promote the hive Blockchain on twitter, one could tell that a certain sense of freedom has rubbed off deeply on them ,as they are less concerned about being politically correct or any of that secular media poppycock, they just go on about decentralization, preaching this message of hive(which I would happily tag as synonymous to Decentralization (in my own way)), freemen they are , not bound to the vagaries of a dogmatic and inflexible nature of society, especially for those of us in Nigeria, it appears we are living on a time bomb🤡🤡. It indeed is a good feeling to live above the dictates of a bureaucratic society, and that is what the hive blockchain offers, in the spirit of decentralization, it goes far to rub off on your mindset and beyond, not to mention a sense of financial freedom, I can testify thus..

Let's keep doing the good work😊
Cheers y'all!

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