RE: How does UpFundMe SYNERGIZE so powerfully with our mission?

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How does UpFundMe SYNERGIZE so powerfully with our mission?

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So, My friend @denissemata lives in Venezuela and dreams of taking more culinary classes and starting her own bakery. Is this the place for her to crowdfund? How should she get started?

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Yes! The loose guidelines are:
-post what you're crowdfunding for
-how much it costs
-your totals so far (so like, I generally poat weekly and it's "last week I raised $x, plus the previous weeks' $x, = $x toward my goal which means I have $x left to go!"
-show off when you reach a goal somehow so people can celebrate with you/know you're legit

Also, tag it #upfundme and #crowdfund (the second tag so people can find the actual fundraising projects amid the general posts).

I am adding a special role for you in discord - CrowdFunder+ :)


Ooo I have a title. :D

@phoenixwren @ecoinstant
Does she have to own UFM tokens?

No, having or staking UFM is not necessary to have a crowdfund or use the #upfundme tag! As her posts earn UFM, she can sell or stake them.

OK, thanks!