Don't just mine HIVE. Invest in HIVE. What would you choose? 1 mill HP or 17 BTC?

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People often ask me why I keep investing in a project whose price keeps dropping like a brick. And by people I mean even the closest of my friends or family members. Especially them...It makes absolutely no sense to them and it is probably the reason behind their financial stagnancy.

Would they have bought BTC back in 2011 for a few cents per coin if they knew that almost a decade later it would worth $10K+ each? Of course they would have. Most likely they would have sold a kidney too in order to purchase as many coins as possible. Fact. Well...sort of...

Would they have bought BTC in 2011 if they didn't know what the outcome would have been? Of course they wouldn't have.

No pain no gain baby...

People back in the day had no clue what Satoshi's dream was nor that BTC will end up being the battle ram of all crypto and one of the most valuable assets one can possess these days. Maybe Satoshi himself or the team of devs that helped him write the code. Or maybe not even them knew what they were doing really. Maybe they were just conducting an experiment or killing their time...

But year after year people started believing in this idea. Hence the BTC network expanded rapidly. Average people wanted a slice of those 21 million tokens because they truly liked the idea of what BTC stood for. And that's the most important thing. Because once an idea grows roots on ones mind there is nothing that can kill it.

You can kill anything but not an idea.

That's exactly the reason why I keep power up my account. Because to me, Hive is an idea. And that's also my response to friends and family members.

Hive can be whatever we want it to be. For now the social / blogging aspect is what we are known for. But there are no limitations...and you'd better be holding some serious amount of HIVE tokens...because once this thing takes off mining through blogging and commenting or whatever will become far more difficult than it currently is.

Exactly like mining BTC...Mining 5-6 years ago was easier...more profitable. While now...

That's exactly what this guy must have thought. And so he armed his hand bought a shit ton of HIVE and powered up everything...about 24 hours or so ago.

20200906 20_07_06ENCRYPT3DBR0K3R  encrypt3dbr0k3r _ PeakD.png

The only reason this went unnoticed is because @penguinpablo usually posts HIVE reports Monday - Friday. Wonder who that guy is? I'll save you from the trouble.

His name might sound familiar to those that used to play Drugwars on Steem and used to be among the top ranked players back in the day.

And just like that @ENCRYPT3DBR0K3R removed almost 0.9% of the liquid HIVE sitting on all the exchanges and powered everything up. And that's the key part. Because staking = curation or delegations hopefully not to bots.

1 million HIVE Power = ~ 17 BTC.

Seeing people spending some serious amounts of dollars to purchase HIVE simply tells me I am on the right track. He could have bought any other alt coin or even hold those 17 BTC. But I have a feeling that he also sees how promising Hive is. Besides he was hanging around back in the day...he knows.

I really do hope that he will put his HP to good use.

Now take a step back and imagine how this place will look like if a couple dozens of investors like himself decide to invest in HIVE...

As for me? I would have made the very same choice. Besides...17 BTC will always be 17 BTC while 1 million Hive Power might be 1.2 mill - 1.3 mill just a year from now...

Hive can be a life changer. It's up to us to get it there...

Have a good one people.

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