HPUD eh? Sure...sure...my weekly routine.

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I remember, back in the day...ya know...the Steem day, I was expecting the first day of each month to participate in this initiative.

I don't really remember who came up with this but the idea behind this initiative was to incentivize people to grow their accounts, by further investing some money in HIVE on the first of each month and power up the tokens they purchaced, at least those who care about this place and deeply believe that HIVE will perform according to its potential at some point, so that they can enjoy...financial freedom through HIVE.

Powering up ones liquid rewards isn't as important as buying liquid HIVE from an exchange. Reducing liquidity on the exchanges and staking those millions of HIVE tokens could greatly affect HIVE's price in a positive way. But that's just me...

A romantic fool probably...

Long story short this initiative became a habit. At the beginning it was a tiny amount of STEEM every month.

The last year or so though, I've only participated a couple of times to HPUD.


Because I power up my account at least twice every week.

Ya you heard me...

Just like I did few minutes ago.

20200901 23_15_00mindtrap  mindtrap _ PeakD.png

Or...3 days ago...and so on.

20200901 23_38_27mindtrap  mindtrap _ PeakD.png

Powering up one's account is commitment. Especially if you consider those 13 weeks for a full power down. Couple that with the fact that I never ever self vote and you can easily understand that all my VP goes back to the community.

I earn too of course...but only through curation...and some posting from time to time.

Ya...I know I need to step up my posting game. Trust me when summer is over I'll be the good ol @mindtrap. ha!

Happy HPUD everyone.

Stay safe.


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