It took me 957 days but I finally made 6 digits.

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...that's the precise number of days from January 10th 2018 until today.


And just like the vast majority of users around here, I started my Steem Hive journey with 15 delegated STEEM HIVE tokens from the company that still try to justify the theft of 23 million STEEM tokens from 65 accounts and turned into a shithole a really promising project...

It's got to be 3 HIVE nowadays...I think.

The stage was set for a celebration post. I claimed all my unclaimed rewards for the day, took a close look at my HP, realized that I was only 7 HP short from reaching 100K HP...and let infation do the rest...

20200824 00_45_20.png

WTF are you even talking about @mindtrap? What does inflation have to do with this?

Oh...didn't you know? If you take a look at your wallet on you'll notice that the current annual rate is 3.36% which means that a 100K HP account will earn ~ 3360 extra HIVE in a year's time. Which is something less than 10 HIVE per day.

You could read some of @edicted's posts about inflation. You might learn a thing or two...

That's right...

100K HP accounts earn ~ 10 HIVE per day or 300 per month.

200K HP accounts earn ~ 20 HIVE per day or 600 per month.

And @blocktrades which is a massive account, is earning ~ 700 HIVE per day.

19 hours later...inflation did its job...
20200824 19_33_03.png

Locking up your stake for 13 weeks is a huge commitment. Especially in a world where everything can change in a blink of an eye.

I knew it from the very first moment when I started investing in HIVE. That's exactly the reason why I took the risk and kept powering up my account.

Because I treat Hive with respect and I don't want to extract value from it but to bring value to it. I don't care about HIVE trading nor I plan to power down my account to cover some of my needs.

Does that mean that everything is perfect? Nope. Not even close...For instance this 13 week lock up is a barrier and I hope that witnesses will realize that we should reduce it a lot to make Hive even more attractive.

The potentials around here are endless...therefore I have a long term plan...

Nah...not with Hive. Hive is unique.

Don't get me wrong. I DO trade. I do have financial issues just like most of you. I just use other coins for that and thankfully I have a really good streak of successful trades lately hat allow me to further invest in HIVE.

Just try to imagine HIVE hitting 1$ or 3$...sounds like science fiction story eh? REALLY?

Do you even pay attention to the progress being made lately?

In case you missed it, thanks to @fbslo as of now Hive is live on Ethereum blockchain. A brand new think again.

Wrapped Hive (WHIVE) is ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. It's backed by "real" HIVE and can be converted ("unwrapped") at any time.
It allows HIVE to be traded on Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) on Ethereum and be used with DeFi platforms.

You don't have to make large buys to grow your account. Small chunks here and there and your account will grow in no time...

If you need a motive...check Marky's weekly post. Almost everyone can spend 10$ and buy some liquid HIVE from an exchange...

Imagine if hundreds of us did it on weekly basis...

Win - win situation. For you and your account but also for HIVE's price.

I'll be tipping 1 HIVE per 200 HP power up to everyone who provides a screenshot with their HIVE purchase and power up from this very moment till this post pays out.

Have a good one people and stay safe.

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