YFI...The next big thing?

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It's not the first time and it definitely won't be the last time too where a new project goes beast mode and in less than 45 days from its official launch made some new millionaires around the world.

Crypto world is such a crazy place isn't it?


Of course we are still at the very beginning but only the fact the its total supply is 30.000 tokens should give everyone a hint of where its price could possibly reach...

That's not the rule of course...lots of "bright projects" started with high hopes and great expectations only to crash and burn into ashes...

  • From $800 to $38.000 in a month...
  • 30.000 tokens total supply with 29.642 n circulation...


Was there anyone around this place or in any place that could even think of the possibility that there would be a day where one would have to pay 3.3 - 3.5 BTC to buy an YFI?

That BTC...the king of crypto...would be dethroned - price wise - ...temporary(?)

Or...that they would have to pay $1.000.000 to hold...30 of them?

I ain't talking about an asset...any asset...but for another cryptocurrency.

Total Supply: 30,000 YFI
Holders: 8,443 addresses
Transfers 248,818

From Etherscan.io

To be honest with you all I didn't see this coming...and I am pretty sure that really few did.

The funny thing is that when it went from $800 to $2K and then $4K etc...human nature got in the way.

It starts as a whisper..."Don't buy now...it's too late"...and you listen to that voice...driven by the fear that at any moment it's price will crash and you'll lose big time.

Always trust your instinct and screw those voices...

Even if someone decided to jump in the YFI train while it's price was cruising at $25.000 they would still be on profit...and a big one...

The story of my life...I usually listen to the stupid whisper...

And you? Are you a proud owner for now of a full YFI while it was still "cheap" and affordable or do you even hold a portion of it?

Have a good one people. And stay safe.


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