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Hi guys,

Hours ago, @leofinance sent out the first round of bounty payments to those providing liquidity to the WLEO/ETH pool. You can see the full post for all the details. I was eligible for receiving some through the SPEW initiative that allowed small investors participate with a minimum contribution of 500leo.

The initiative kicked off approximately 16days ago and I got my first share of the bounty few hours ago with the break down in the image below. The general WLeo pool has been able to amass close to $400k in total with the SPEW initiative contributing about $9,500 in current price valuation showing a gain of $2,500 over the past 2 weeks.

SPEW payout 1.png

I contributed 0.99% to the SPEW pool and the rewards from the bounty is depicted above. 14leo as a return for two weeks investment of 500leo. At the time of the investment, 500leo tokens was worth $70, so it is safe to say that with an initial investment of $70 I've made a bit over $3 in two weeks, not bad if you'd ask me, considering that this is long term and the bounty will likely happen every 2 weeks for 90days. The total rewards amassed was $345 with the highest contributor having $158 and the lowest having $3.4 which is not bad at all for two weeks.

With a contribution of 1500leo, I could have gotten about $10 in rewards, interesting.

However, when we look at it from the perspective of the present value of Leo, is this a hit or a miss? Before the pool, 500leo was worth $70 but today 500leo is worth around $120, could holding the leo have been a better option?

Maybe, maybe not, but when we look at it from the perspective of the asset compounding over time, holding may not be the best option. What I mean is that, the 500leo I contributed into the pool will remain there for as long as I will, while it gives me the opportunity of being paid out in more leo, if after 3months I decide to withdraw my 500leo, I will have accumulated over 500 tokens, whereas if I had left the 500 leo in my Wallet, even after 3months it will remain 500leo.

Note that the present payout is from the bounty for providing liquidity alone and not from the fees earned, LP's are yet to receive fees earned from the SPEW pool.

Thanks for reading.

For more information on the SPEW payout click here


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