RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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My thoughts are i pretty much have 2 jobs now. I work for a construction company owned by my folks and i have a ranch i farm and do various things one growing food etc., It's full of deer and wild turkey. So i would probably eventually quit the construction part. I would never quit the farming part because i feel that's natural to the human being and i like being close to the land.

Unfortunately the way crypto is presented. It doesn't seem like a viable option for me to replace any of that lol. I don't earn enough i don't trust i will earn enough the way the growth is happening with many of these crypto projects so i wouldn't wanna bank on any of that.

I"m actually surprised people prefer to be stuck in jobs they don't wanna do and slave all day and not use crypto to create opportunities that solve those problems. The issue is as i've expressed on many threads is that the average person doesn't have alot of disposable income. Even myself alot of my value is locked some place. So i don't really have it to be just investing in risky cryptocurrencies. What i hoped was that the crypto space would have found new ways to approach the problem but seemingly they approach the problem like our traditional financial markets and treat crypto like risky penny stocks or something.

I would hope crypto would be inspired to change the world with new models. I live in america the richest country in the world per capita and the average american doesn't have $400 in the bank. That's for emergencies they aren't going to be putting that into crypto too quickly. So when i created my ubi coin we tried to find solutions to many of the problems unfortunately many in crypto are still looking for the big payday that they often times never get. The ones who do get it are not representative of most people. So we're slowly pushing on and i'm proud of us going in the direction of not the traditional idea of just buy my obscure cryptocurrency coin and stake it that i and my friends don't have any clue about.

So i wouldn't even wanna tell my friends to get into crypto or encourage them until the space starts creating new systems that can work. im not convinced it's doing that right now. if it were it should be easy for them after over a decade to go into all these developing nations in africa and venezuela and by now have a gigantic foothold. if they can't do that then i see no reason it can solve any other problems right now in that arena. Anyway those are my thoughts but yes i think some ubi coin will end up being the solution.

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