Work From Home and Get a Raise?

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

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The work from home revolution is here, and it took a pandemic to do it. How many people will go back when it means giving up a 10k raise?

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Good points. The cost of the average daily commute is quite high. But families don't buy cars only for the daily commute. Also, working from home requires an office space at home.

All true. So there will be some double counting of depreciation of a vehicle.

I actually think having designated office space in homes is going to be a new fad for home builders.

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That's true.

I'm guessing the number of middle class families without a car at all will increase in the future as self-driving cars proliferate. You won't need to buy a car to be able to take your kids to their hobbies, either. And if telecommuting becomes the norm, commuting to face-to-face meetings is easy to do by calling a self-driving car with an app.

What a day to make this post. You're surrounded by HIVE posts, they are everywhere!!! Good one, but a lot of ppl don't have space for a full home office and others can just not be trusted (especially woman) :p