Monster Maverick Show Replay 2020-07-14

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We talked about a bunch of things, as always on this show. DEC prices, ORB replacements (cubes?), GAME credits, multi-round anytime tournaments, and more.

Plus I came up with a new plan to post the images I put into chat in this post so you can follow along with the replay:

Need a splinterlands account? Use this link:

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I don't understand the DEC sink. When you buy packs with it, what happens to the DEC? They don't get burned right, so it's not a sink.

DEC sinks get burned. Buying potions, skins, guild improvements, orbs/cubes get burned.

Buying packs with DEC don't get burned, but instead go into the tournament pool to be distributed out over time.

At least, that's my understanding.

Oh I see. So potions are the main sink I guess? I remember when they added paypal purchases for potions DEC started going down. But now it's so cheap that it only makes sense to use it, not credits.

Another great show! You are awesome! ~@clove71