Monster Maverick Show Replay 2020-07-21

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On this episode of the Monster Maverick Show, we went into the upcoming collection score system and how it might affect gold-foil card prices, checked out @isaria's new death splinter dungeon track, the problems with the current version of 2-round anytime tournaments, the replacement dice for orbs, and more.

We also touched on how hot money is flowing into precious metals, and what that might mean for crypto in the future.

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@isaria's music post:

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I reckon it was a splendid show, my browser however wasn't able to play the video probably it was the format I guess

It was! :)

Try the spotify link if the video isn't working for you (takes a couple hours to update there)

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Alright thanks, I'll do that

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It's not working for me either in Chrome but it works in Brave. :-)

That's super weird. I'll try reformatting the video link.

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Another great show, love it!!

Thanks for being a part of it!

Thanks for another great show! ~@clove71

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

what happened with j69? Hearing lots of stuff about him and obviously saw his cards on the market. I have been upgrading my deck :)

He's selling everything and there are rumors he wants to sue the development team.

Yeah, but any reason for that?

It was something about the switch to HIVE. I don't know the details, and honestly don't particularly care :)

Oh ok, thanks.

Same, don't care about details, just wanted to know if something happened in game or something.