SPS keeps on gaining.

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SPS, Splinterlands governance token.

Just 15 days ago, I wrote a post about the case for $1 SPS,

A case for $1 SPS in the next month.

At the moment we are sitting on 0.89c with a continued upward curve. It's only a matter of time as chaos legion drops in 5 days and people will be using SPS to buy new packs and the real FOMO begins.

With a 10% reduction it is the only thing that makes sense for those buying from any crypto, to exchange to SPS and move straight across to the game for purchases.

This means that it doesn't matter what price that they are paying for SPS as it will be used for instant purchase of packs at the same value as it is bought with a 10% saving.

This is very important as people buying vouchers might need to buy SPS for pack purchases to get more value. Especially near the end of the pre-sale when most people will be trying to get as much as possible out of their stake.

Look at the staking numbers.

This was the liquid SPS three days ago.


This is is today.


Those numbers tell a big story and that is that everybody wants to get in on the voucher drop and have as much SPS staked as possible.

If this keeps up for another few days then liquidity will become scare for the SPS token and it won't take much to keep moving it upwards.

I will be waiting until the last moment to unstake and buy packs to try and get every voucher possible from the pre-sale.

At the moment it looks like 250 or so but I will keep adding to my SPS position until then to try and get a few more. 1000 would be the aim but we will have to see what price they are going for on the open market.

Either way, I am very bullish on SPs for the next month as people all try to get the most out of this opportunity. I will keep selling DEC to SPS for now while the price goes up and hope to get my timing right for purchasing myself.

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