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There are going to be two types of people after the de-fi bubble:
Those who will never touch crypto again
and those who would become rich (for nothing).

okay, i think there will other types of people but these two will stand out

— TheyCallMeLimpee 🇳🇬🇱🇷 (@IAM__NONSO) September 27, 2020

I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon crypto around the ICO era. In retrospect, ethereum has actually ushered the crypto industry into two important eras in the last three years or so. I remember in 2018 i was signing up for different airdrops, performing different tasks and giving out personal information for a few quids i considered to be free money. I never got any of those airdrops but i knew people who did and they were smiling to the bank. A few people got rekted unfortunately. Now the whole cycle is repeating itself with De-Fi.

De-Fi? What does that mean? Who even cares? Just get your token locked up and earn nice ROI in a few months or years. You would be shooting yourself in the leg if you're trying to be too smart about your investment options because a lot of it doesn't make sense but here is the thing: there is a lot of money to be made.

I and @josediccus were having a discussion this morning about investment options and airdrops this morning. Based on our conversation it is obvious no one wants to miss out on the De-Fi craze but at the same time no one wants to get rekted. My rule of thumb is never to put more than i am willing to lose, well except if it's hive. In retrospect, hive is the only crypto community i have (supposed) inside information on. I know the people and the projects and that is enough security for me. The price of the hive token can plummet but that doesn't seem to bother me at much. It is worth the gamble and there are various ways to make back my losses without speculating.


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I was never interested in the De-Fi hysteria mainly because i didn't have the money to invest. Fortunately, the god of crypto blessed me with about $2000 in uniswap token. Money i never worked for. Thanks to them i don't have to worry about my finances in the next 6months (i live a very simple life) and if i play my cards well i might just double the money. So you can say i am one of the people who will be smiling at the end of this De-Fi Bubble but for a lot of people that might no be the case. I do appreciate the fact that this whole bubble is helping to redistribute wealth but more important is that these pools or farming options are used for something tangible. At the end of the day the most important thing is not profit but the value these monies create. If a few people are smiling to the bank without anything significant happening to improve the crypto industry and its adoption then be sure to brace yourself for some dark times after the De-Fi bubble.

The hysteria will not last forever.

It is a unique opportunity for projects to get out there and make some of that dumb money. I have bought over 2000 hive token in the last 2 weeks thanks to my good fortunes. I have been able to support projects i care for with this supposed dumb money and hopefully i make more of it. I have also been able to invest in real-life projects that affect my life directly all thanks to an airdrop i never worked for.

Now it might seem like you're missing out but the truth is there is still a lot of dumb money out there and you might not even work so hard to make some. Until the crypto industry matures this will be the case. There will always be some new innovation that drives speculators bunkers. So it is left to you to play your cards well.

Crypto saved my life ( it is still doing the lord's work). Who would have thought that i will be without a job for two years and not beg--I won't have honestly. I have explored my creativity within this timeframe and even met good fortunes and some good people. This is what i mean by putting yourself in a position where you never lose.

If you don't mind i would like to hear your de-fi story? Has it been good or bad? Do you think it is a bubble? If so when does this bubble pop?

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